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Personal Preference

Personal Preference (Pre-Order)

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After a successful Kickstarter campaign, many people have expressed interest in reserving a copy of the first production run. Available for a limited time.

An update on the wildly popular 1980's 'how well do you really know each other?' party game, by original creator Don Carlston. Easy to learn and easy to play, Personal Preference is a social board game where one player secretly ranks four cards in order of their preference, and the other players or teams have to guess the order.

Updated game includes:

  • 1 game board
  • 5 x 75 double-sided cards across five categories
    • Events + Activities
    • Food + Drink
    • Peeves + Predicaments
    • Places + Locations
    • This + That
  • 4 ranking cards with secret envelope
  • 6 sets of movement markers
  • 6 sets of 4 numbered ranking tiles
  • 1 passing tray

Expansion Pack set includes:

  • Art + Photography
  • Concepts + Ideas
  • Sayings + Quotations